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Complete Technical Training System

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Introducing the Strikezone Complete Technical Training System (CTTS), a revolutionary training system designed to introduce players of any age to new techniques and foot skills. Never before has there been a training aid that enables players to understand and perform the complete array of technical skills necessary to play and compete at the highest levels.  Watch our “Introductory Video”  and see exactly how you can benefit from our world class training aid!

Go to the "Skills Video" section of the website to see how you can easily learn & master the techniques and footwork of the world’s greatest players!

The Strikezone Complete Technical Training System was created and designed by experienced youth coaches, recognizing that practices must be as productive and educational as possible, and considering the busy lifestyle of today’s youth players. The Strikezone Complete Technical Training System will allow coaches to immediately identify and correct technical errors in a manner that players can understand clearly.

The Strikezone’s unique colored Visual Training Aids (VTAs) easily identify the different zones on your foot to execute all the technical skills. Players will see a tremendous improvement in their ability to perform and understand the most complex technical skills.